a New Revolutionary Color Process

Modern photography magazine. March 1978 (©Ablo archives)
logo colormas

Color film processing Colormas was first marketed in 1970. It was characterized by a particular profile that focused on skin tones, and by a flat rendering of light and shadow. This specific characteristic was inspired by Ortega’s passion for erotic photography: in Ortega’s opinion, nude photography required a realistic, yet clear rendering of human skin.

Unfortunately, Ortega’s idea was misunderstood by an audience whose eye was used to the strong contrasts and saturated colors of titans like Technicolor. Additionally, 1970s Spain was not a fertile environment for this kind of technology.

Original 8mm Colormas cartridge. (©Ablo archives)

Despite all this, Colormas was successful for some time, especially in the US. California was going through a great time at this time, experiencing artistic freedom, and providing a welcoming environment for Spanish film. Between 1970 and 1975, Colormas was used in some low-budget productions, mostly for erotic and horror movies.