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Thanks to Colormas becoming available on the US market, Ablo started the production of a new, lightweight automatic videocamera called Ablomatica.

Since Ablo was a small company, it assembled its videocameras using components purchased from other European makers. Mills chose to use German lenses, and this, together with the camera’s wooden finishings, pushed the price up, turning the Ablomatica into a rare niche product, characterized by its beautiful design, and by being the one and only videocamera the Spanish company ever marketed.

Technical Sheet

Silent super 8 cartridge
Lens: Schneider (Ablo Custom)
Zoom f: 1.8 \ F: 10-20 mm 2x
Focusing: fixed, 0.8 m to infinity
Zooming: manual
Viewfinder: single-lens reflex with adjustable eyepiece: +/- 3 diopters
Viewfinder information: f/stop meter, under-exposure warning signal
Exposure: fully automatic exposure control; TTL EE, CdS cell
Film speed: auto for 25/40, 40/64 and 100/160 ASA (daylight/tungsten)
Backlight control: yes
CCA filter: built-in 85A filter, coupled with movie light socket
Shutter opening angle:<180 degrees
Filming speed: 18 fps, single frame
Film counter: 1-50 ft / 1-15 m
Handle: fixed, chamber for penlight batteries
Power source: 4 x AA batteries only
Weight: 870 g
Size: 45 x 166 x 195 mm

Color advertising of Ablomatica. California 1972 (©Ablo archives)
Black and white technical advertising of Ablomatica. California 1972 (©Ablo archives)